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Galway Food Tours and Kai Cafe + Restaurant are hosting food tours as part of the Galway Food Festival this April.

Beginning at Kai on Sea Road, the tours will take in some of Galway culinary hot spots and traditional market places from Dannys Doughnuts toSheridans Cheesemongers to An Cupan Tae.

The tours will be led by Sheena Dignam from Kai Café and Restaurant who will lead the food enthusiasts around Galway’s finest food destinations. Sheena will guide you along the streets of Galway where you will meet artisan producers and sample their products.

The Saturday and Sunday tours will include an unforgettable trip to the now famous Galway Market and all days will include visits to award winning restaurants and cafes.

The food tours will run on Thursday 2 , Friday 3 April at 12 noon, the Saturday 4 tour will run at 11:30am and 3pm while the Sunday 5 and Monday 6 tours will run at 12 noon. The Thursday and Friday tours are €26 and the weekend and Monday tours are €30. There is a maximum of 15 people per tour so booking is essential. Tickets are available from Sheena on 086-7332885.

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  • February 11, 2014

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As you all know very well by now, Kai always has and always will support the very best of local producers.

We’ve said it before, but the quality of products coming through from Irish producers in the last few years has been phenomenal, with so many different industries and opportunities now for startups providing almost everything we need in the kitchen.

One of the newer products we are stocking at Kai is the White Gypsy Brewery’s beer. These guys are not just concerned about being a small Irish producer, but their ethos is to strive toward getting all of their raw materials from a 40 mile radius of their brewery. These intentions are what make them stand apart from the rest, and is the sign of a dedicated artisanal producer.

It is for this reason that it’s no surprise that in the White Gypsy Brewery’s first year it won 2 awards for the best lager in Ireland.


“At the White Gypsy Brewery, we make good beer” it’s a simple ethos, and well proven at this stage. The brewery says that their long-term aim is to make that good beer from malt and hops grown locally and to sell as much of that beer, within 40 miles of the brewery door. They believe that for any community to be a stable environment in which people can live, work and have the prospect of a future, there needs to some degree of sustainability, an outlook that we too hold at Kai.


Picture 2

The brewery have a fine selection of beers available on tap including:

Ruby Irish Red Ale (ABV 4.6%)

Blond Weissbeer (ABV 4%)

There is also a fine bottled selection that includes:

American Pale Ale 7.5%

Belgian Dubbel 8%

Russian Imperial Stout 7%

German Doppelbock 7.5%

You’ll find the German Doppelbock on the list at Kai. It’s a strong, dark and malty beer with very little bitterness. According to the White Gypsy Brewery this particular beer emerged from Munich in the late 18th century when the monks brewed it as a Lenten beer to be consumed during their fasts. The liquid bread has a rich flavour that is dark and delicious, toffeeish with some sweetness.

Food pairing

The guys at the White Gypsy Brewery say that the German Doppelbok’s light and fruity notes pair well with an earthy Camembert or a nutty cheddar. Its good carbonation cuts well across a pungent blue or a creamy goats cheese. It accompanies savoury bacon, aged ham, venison and roast pork very well indeed. Also smoked fish, salami & chorizo will go well with this exciting beer.

We don’t just like to drink this beer, you’ll also find it complimenting some of the dishes that come out of the kitchen: a drop in the pot, and a look for the cook.

Eat local, shop local, produce local, and more importantly be local!

For more information visit – whitegypsy.ie



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You all asked for it, so it’s back with a bang. This month we are restarting everybody’s favourite book club. Yet again Jess is combining two passions to entertain and teach those interested in food. There are book clubs, and supper clubs the world over – but no cookbook clubs, until now!

The club is about people learning, talking, and sharing their passion with others. “It will be great for people to share their love of cooking and cookbooks with like minded people. The club will be a place for individuals and groups of people to come and talk about food, ask questions, and find out how to be a better home chef” says Jess.

For each club we try to seat people together to make new friends, meet old ones, and share their common passion. Along with a set menu from the book we will have a special guest talk on the night.

The club nights sell out very fast so it’s advisable to book ASAP. This month Jess will cover Roberta’s cookbook. This innovative page turner is straight out of NYC and is packed with unreal recipes.

The book is a product of a Brooklyn destination that the New York Times called “one of the most extraordinary restaurants in the country, which began as a pizza place and quickly redefined the urban food landscape”. If that’s not reason enough to sign up, pick up the book yourself and find out more.

Tickets are available in advance from the restaurant at €35, this month’s event is on Tuesday 28th January at 7:30pm. These events fill up fast so get in quick.

If you fancy a sneak peak at next months book – look up Smoke and Pickles!


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  • November 25, 2013

This is a layered sticky turnip dish. We try and source as much local produce as possible from the west of Ireland. Our turnip comes from Offaly and we use Cuinneog butter and local Galway beer.


500g lentils

2 large white onions

200g sage

2 parsnips

40g re Russian kale

30g garlic

20g Irish butter

200ml vegetable stock

100ml Merlot

5 large turnips

1 bottle Galway Hooker

120g Durrus cheese


This is How we Do it:

1. Soak your lentils in water and leave out on the counter-top overnight.

2. Chop you onions finely along with the sage, parsnip, kale and garlic and fry all in the butter in a large saucepan.

3. Once nice and soft and golden brown, add the lentils, veg stock and red wine and cook for 15 to 20 minutes or until soft. Once cooked, leave to cool and season to you liking.

4. Slice your turnip into sheets and add to a roasting tin with a knob of butter and a half a bottle of Galway Hooker and cook at 170* C/gas mark 3 until semi soft – about 25 minutes.

5. To assemble in a roasting dish, add layers of turnip sheets and build up, alternating with layers of the lentil mix until all the turnip and lentil mix is used up. Add a decent wedge of Durrus on top and bake for another five to 10 minutes.



Durrus is a strongly flavoured cheese but a good blue cheese, such as Bellingham Blue, would also work.


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