Brewed to perfection on Galway Bay


Established in 2009 and situated in the Oslo pub in Salthill, Galway Bay Brewery was Galway’s first microbrewery. Galway always has been a great place for firsts, and we’re proud to be supporting the lads with their consistently successful attempts at bringing new beers to the market. You really have to give it to a small local company that is now stacking up against Guinness with their Imperial Ale.

The popularity of the Galway Bay Brewery’s beers throughout the country has seen them move their operation from the original setup inside the Oslo in Salthill, to a facility with a 100,000-litre capacity to the rear of the premises – more than 12 times the size of the brewery’s original facility.

At Kai right now we have 3 awesome beers on the menu including from the Galway Bay Brewery:

Galway Bay Brewery Irish Porter

Galway Bay Brewery Irish Red Ale

Galway Bay Brewery Dry Hopped Irish Pale Ale

The Irish Porter is a rich and complex beer with lovely coffee and chocolate flavours. This is best accompanied with Rich Stews, Roast meat dishes

The Irish Red Ale is a nice hoppy ale with a nice smooth taste. It’s a well-rounded bevvie that we’d recommend pairing with hot and cold meats, fish or cheese.

The Dry Hopped Irish Pale Ale has a certain bitterness to it, which makes it the perfect accompaniment to spicey dishes and curries.

Last month we wrote a blog about the places where we love to go, and one such place was the Salthouse Bar. The Salthouse is owned by the Galway Bay Brewery, so if you’re looking for somewhere to sample the full range of their products make sure to head down there some lazy Sunday evening for beers and bluegrass.


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