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This month we are bringing a totally different kind of book to Kai, and as always you can expect a departure from the norm, and a serious gastronomic adventure.

Smoke and Pickles will be the star of the show next Tuesday evening March 25th when Jess and the team will fill your bellies with delights from the wonderful Chef Edward Lee.

Sitting in our usual communal setting we will tell the story of this Brooklyn chefs journey through food. Lee was raised by a family of Korean immigrants, which is a little insight into the magic he brings to his food. He currently lives in Louisville, Kentucky, where he owns the acclaimed restaurant 610 Magnolia.

A multiple James Beard Award nominee for his unique patchwork cuisine, Edward creates recipes–filled with pickling, fermenting, frying, curing, and smoking that reflect the overlapping flavors and techniques that led this Korean-American boy to feel right at home in the South.

Dishes like Chicken-Fried Pork Steak with Ramen Crust and Buttermilk Pepper Gravy; Collards and Kimchi; Braised Beef Kalbi with Soft Grits and Scallions; and Miso-Smothered Chicken all share a place on his table.

Born with the storytelling gene of a true Southerner, Lee fills his debut cookbook with tales of the restaurant world, New York City, Kentucky, and his time competing on Top Chef, plus more than 130 exceptional recipes for food with Korean roots and Southern soul.

Join us to experience the magic. Tickets are available in advance from the restaurant or by calling us on 091 526003.

Cost €35 pp

Date Tuesday 25th March

Time 7:30pm


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Established in 2009 and situated in the Oslo pub in Salthill, Galway Bay Brewery was Galway’s first microbrewery. Galway always has been a great place for firsts, and we’re proud to be supporting the lads with their consistently successful attempts at bringing new beers to the market. You really have to give it to a small local company that is now stacking up against Guinness with their Imperial Ale.

The popularity of the Galway Bay Brewery’s beers throughout the country has seen them move their operation from the original setup inside the Oslo in Salthill, to a facility with a 100,000-litre capacity to the rear of the premises – more than 12 times the size of the brewery’s original facility.

At Kai right now we have 3 awesome beers on the menu including from the Galway Bay Brewery:

Galway Bay Brewery Irish Porter

Galway Bay Brewery Irish Red Ale

Galway Bay Brewery Dry Hopped Irish Pale Ale

The Irish Porter is a rich and complex beer with lovely coffee and chocolate flavours. This is best accompanied with Rich Stews, Roast meat dishes

The Irish Red Ale is a nice hoppy ale with a nice smooth taste. It’s a well-rounded bevvie that we’d recommend pairing with hot and cold meats, fish or cheese.

The Dry Hopped Irish Pale Ale has a certain bitterness to it, which makes it the perfect accompaniment to spicey dishes and curries.

Last month we wrote a blog about the places where we love to go, and one such place was the Salthouse Bar. The Salthouse is owned by the Galway Bay Brewery, so if you’re looking for somewhere to sample the full range of their products make sure to head down there some lazy Sunday evening for beers and bluegrass.


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Last week the McKennas took a brave leap with one of their much celebrated guides. This year the Top 100 Restaurants in Ireland guide has migrated from a paperback to a digital smart guide.

This means that it’s always in your pocket and even more interactive, so there is no excuse now for not finding a great spot for lunch or dinner anywhere in the country.

The guys have really taken all the aspects of how a guide should be used, and compiled a super user-friendly App. The smart guide gives you the option to search by venue or location, offering a fantastic description and gallery of photos for each venue.

A great feature in the app is the ability to phone a restaurant to make a booking directly from the app at the press of a button. These buttons are also available for you to visit Twitter, Facebook and web pages making contact so easy.

Kai in the Top 100 Restaurants in Ireland guide

We are so grateful for the kind words and support of John and Sally down through the years, and yet again their description of what we do has blown us away.

Read it here for yourself….

Jess Murphy is cooking out of the zone in Kai right now, her work a wild riot of flavours, colours and textures. There’s nothing else like it.

Jess Murphy was always going to get there. Well, with her cooking in Kai, we can say that she’s arrived. She is in that zone where her creativity is unrestrained and wildly exciting, where all the lessons of her life and work and travels have been assimilated into a cuisine that is hers, and hers alone.

She is pushing the envelope, and not just with ideas and flavours, but with presentation also, for her plates have a painterly quality that dazzles the eye even before the flavours zonk you.There is nothing she can’t cook to its zenith of flavour and texture, no ingredient that doesn’t make her mind race with a furious creativity – Silke’s halloumi; goat’s curd; Brady’s striploin; sea buckthorn and apple sea beet hogget chops; her own labneh with dukkah; West coast crab with Green Goddess dressing.

The food in Kai is not just elemental, it is instinctual, it broaches no argument in its total confidence and philosophical sureness. It is a thrill, it’s a Kandinsky riot of colours, a Frida Kahlo wave of unlikely flowers and dried fruits, a conception of how everything can be art. That’s what it is, art spun from beautiful ingredients.

We wish the McKennas the very best of luck with their smart guides. Make sure you download the app straight to your iPhone now to find out what it’s all about – https://itunes.apple.com/ie/app/100-best-restaurants-in-ireland/id811290744


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