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  • February 19, 2014

There are so many great bars, cafes and restaurants in Galway shooting up almost every month now. While we know Kai is your favourite, its always fun to discover new places. From long walks on the prom to short strolls down Shop street Galway really has it all, and of course the latest happy video just shows how much fun Galway really is.

So we thought we’d give you a glimpse of what some of the girls like to do after work,  their favourite hideaways, drinking holes and places to wind down after a long shift. It seems Neachatains is pretty much everyones favourite, you can’t beat it for the characters, the craic and the charm!



Neactains on a summer evening, sitting outside watching the world go by. Neactains on a winters evening cosying up in the snug. Rouge for the atmosphere. The Saturday market for street food near st Nicholas’s church, and then a glass of wine in Sheridan’s  with a plate of cheese and characters galore.



If I’m not at Kai, then its Ard Bia for me. While the water rolls by the window, I’ll be having the pulled pork sandwich and realising that feeling guilty about ordering the cake is not my style! For a quick feed after the Sunday music session at The Salt House you can’t beat the pizza place beside Neachtans, whose pizza is so good I never thought about their name!



No competition , life’s definitely sweet sweet sweeter knowing you can saunter down after a busy brunch to the salt house for the bestest beers, bluegrass and board games I’ve ever encountered! Quids in!!!


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  • February 17, 2014

new poster

Things are hotting up again this month for the Kai Cookbook Club. Last month we had a great night with Roberta’s cookbook intriguing and delighting a room full of curious diners. This month you can expect to be delighted once more, but with a totally different kind of fayre.

After last months flavorsome trip to NYC we’re stripping things back and staying very close to home. So close in fact that we are introducing you to a local cookbook written by local people(it’s all very Little Britain!) that we love.

‘The Chef and I’ is a homegrown cookbook from Sunday Times columnist Mona Wise and her husband Ron, the chef. The couple are great advocates of the local food scene, and last year took the opportunity to express their passion by compiling this book.

Ron is a seasoned chef, (pardon the pun), and was born in the States, while Mona is a pure bred Galwegian. This combination has naturally resulted in a fusion of cuisines, which cookbook clubbers will get to sample on the night.

On the night we’ll have Ron in the kitchen with Jess, while Mona will give a talk on what inspired her to write the book, and her passion for the food industry.

For a sneak peak of what the couple are planning pop over to Mona’s blog – bit.ly/1cR8bTf

Tickets are available in advance from the restaurant or by calling us on 091 526003.


Cost €35 pp

Date Tuesday 25th February

Time 7:30pm


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  • February 11, 2014

Picture 1

As you all know very well by now, Kai always has and always will support the very best of local producers.

We’ve said it before, but the quality of products coming through from Irish producers in the last few years has been phenomenal, with so many different industries and opportunities now for startups providing almost everything we need in the kitchen.

One of the newer products we are stocking at Kai is the White Gypsy Brewery’s beer. These guys are not just concerned about being a small Irish producer, but their ethos is to strive toward getting all of their raw materials from a 40 mile radius of their brewery. These intentions are what make them stand apart from the rest, and is the sign of a dedicated artisanal producer.

It is for this reason that it’s no surprise that in the White Gypsy Brewery’s first year it won 2 awards for the best lager in Ireland.


“At the White Gypsy Brewery, we make good beer” it’s a simple ethos, and well proven at this stage. The brewery says that their long-term aim is to make that good beer from malt and hops grown locally and to sell as much of that beer, within 40 miles of the brewery door. They believe that for any community to be a stable environment in which people can live, work and have the prospect of a future, there needs to some degree of sustainability, an outlook that we too hold at Kai.


Picture 2

The brewery have a fine selection of beers available on tap including:

Ruby Irish Red Ale (ABV 4.6%)

Blond Weissbeer (ABV 4%)

There is also a fine bottled selection that includes:

American Pale Ale 7.5%

Belgian Dubbel 8%

Russian Imperial Stout 7%

German Doppelbock 7.5%

You’ll find the German Doppelbock on the list at Kai. It’s a strong, dark and malty beer with very little bitterness. According to the White Gypsy Brewery this particular beer emerged from Munich in the late 18th century when the monks brewed it as a Lenten beer to be consumed during their fasts. The liquid bread has a rich flavour that is dark and delicious, toffeeish with some sweetness.

Food pairing

The guys at the White Gypsy Brewery say that the German Doppelbok’s light and fruity notes pair well with an earthy Camembert or a nutty cheddar. Its good carbonation cuts well across a pungent blue or a creamy goats cheese. It accompanies savoury bacon, aged ham, venison and roast pork very well indeed. Also smoked fish, salami & chorizo will go well with this exciting beer.

We don’t just like to drink this beer, you’ll also find it complimenting some of the dishes that come out of the kitchen: a drop in the pot, and a look for the cook.

Eat local, shop local, produce local, and more importantly be local!

For more information visit – whitegypsy.ie



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