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Linalla Ice Cream
Coming from just down the road in the middle of the Burren, Linalla is a very special ice-cream that we use in the restaurant.
It comes from a place where there is little but baron rock, birds, and a few animals.
Life has always been difficult in the Burren as locals struggle to live and work in the area without having to leave, however one family have successfully adapted to their surroundings and created an incredible little business that prides itself on its surrounds, using the unique environment to its benefit.
While many ice-cream company’s are based in industrial estates and large commercial units far away from the cattle that produce its raw ingredients, Linalla is the complete opposite.
This family run ice-cream parlour has its own herd of forty eight Friesians and Shorthorn cattle from which the milk and cream is taken and used in its own ice-cream.
Run by Brid and Roger Fahy, they are fellow members of Good Food Ireland, and committed to upholding a strong consistent level of quality.

The ice cream has been produced since 2006 when the family looked for new ways to increase turnover on the farm. Training in Ireland, UK, and Italy the couple learned how to both produce their own product, and to develop new recipe ideas.
Ice cream is made in small batches with the farm’s pasteurised milk and cream then adding fruit, biscuit, nuts and any other ingredients.
Linnalla ice creams include mellow Honeycomb Crunch, Strawberry Sensation, Superior Vanilla, Intense Chocolate, Wild Berry, and cool Mint Choc Chip. In addition to these flavours the company also produces seasonal favourites such as rhubarb and custard, strawberry and blackberry all locally sourced.
If you are around the Burren make sure to pop in to say hello at the Linnalla Café Ice Cream Parlour and Dessert House which has stunning views of Galway bay, and a childrens playground right down on the flaggy shore in New Quay – a great day out – and an even better excuse to visit the Burren!!

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Connemara Smokehouse and the Roberts family

Here at Kai we are always looking for the best quality products to use in the kitchen. We don’t just use the best quality products regardless of source or content, but we are committed to finding the best natural, organic and locally sourced produce.

There is a growing number of smokehouses throughout the country ands we are lucky to have one of the finest production facilities just out the road.

The family run Connemara Smokehouse has been in operation by the Roberts family since 1979, and is now run by husband and wife Graham and Saoirse.

Grahams parents, John and Bridget founded Connemara Smokehousewith a smoking kiln that was first commissioned in 1946—and it’s still smoking today.

Situated on Bunowen Pier, just outside Ballyconneely the company encourage visitors to tour their facility and learn about its products and the process of smoking.

The smokehouse is one of the few remaining smokehouses that specializes in smoking wild Atlantic Salmon, along with tuna, herring, cod and mackerel.

 Connemara Smokehouse Smoked Mackeral fishcakes at Kai

Graham Roberts hand-fillets each fish to ensure quality and consistency is upheld with all of the companys products. 

Sea salt and beechwood smoke create the flavour and texture in all the smoked products.
In the restaurant we use the smoked mackerel for fish cakes which is often seen on the lunch boards. We also use the smoked salmon in many of our dishes.
We believe that by supporting traditional companies that have standards as high as ours, and an ethos of quality we can work together to offer the best finished product to our customers.

If you want to find out more about the Smokehouse make sure to visit them in Connemara, or check out their website on www.smokehouse.ie

Have a look at the Nationwide feature on Connemara Smokehouse to get a real sense of what goes on there – 


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