The Nutmeg Feast – a popup dinner

A movement of secret dining, and supper clubs exists right around the world, where people open their kitchens to friends and strangers for one-off dinners. It is like a person you don’t know inviting anyone that wanted to come to their house so they could cook you dinner. The atmosphere is unique, and dining in somebody’s home makes it a comfortable, and quirky experience.
The Nutmeg Feast is one of these, and has been something of a secret for quite some time. Jolanta and Pawel have been welcoming people into their home for almost a year, having run 10 or so events.
The pair believe these feasts are not just for eating, but a platform for people to meet, exchange ideas and connect. It is also a chance to taste slow and wild food that comes from local farms.
Born and raised in Poland, chef Pawel Karnafel was always fascinated by the culinary art. After completing degree in environmental engineering he decided to move to Ireland to build up his passion for food. He began working in the West Restaurant at the Twelve Hotel in Barna, and has since worked in Sheridans at The Docks, Ballynahinch Castlle and Cava Restaurant & tapas bar. 

His style of cooking is an example of his passion for wild and slow food. Pawel’s food philosophy is based on locally sourced produce, that comes from markets and farms around. To create his dishes he is also harvesting wild fruits, nuts, herbs, flowers, mushrooms and seaweeds that can be found in plenty in the countryside and along the seashore.
Yolanta has worked as an interior designer and a fashion buyer in the past although she always had a strong interest in running a restaurant. She gracefully takes upon herself a role of hostess at Nutmeg’s gatherings.
The Nutmeg Feast is prepared at home. Depending on the theme it takes about 3 days to prepare, with the pair starting work on a Thursday night.
The next Nutmeg Feast will be held on May 6. Sheep will be the theme of the evening with food based around using the animal. Tickets cost €40 + a bottle of wine.
Up to 12 guests can be seated at NUTMEG’s table. Each event sees Pawel serving up six dishes which are complemented with all sorts of refreshments. Bookings can be made on line through The dates of upcoming events can be found in the Nutmeg Feasts facebook page.

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