iPaleo – The Modern Caveman

“Paleo” is not just another fad diet or celebrity craze. It refers to our ancestral times and how we are genetically adapted to a certain way of living. How we eat today differs largely from how we used to eat. It is now clear that modern foods are linked to many of todays chronic diseases such as diabetes and obesity. We are genetically designed to eat certain foods and not others.

Learn the secrets behind the foods we are designed to eat and how they improve health and fitness.

iPaleo is an up to date template based on our ancestral diet that takes into account our modern
lifestyle. It is not a diet but rather a paradigm that can be used to follow a healthier approach to
what you eat and how you eat. Barry Murray, Performance Nutritionist and Health Expert, is the
man behind this and has spent the last several years researching it himself and debunking a lot of the myths about diet and nutrition. Living healthily, losing weight and feeling good does not need to be that complicated. The first and most important step is to eat real food that we are designed to

Come to Kai to enjoy the finest “real food” dishes prepared by head chef Jess Murphy and let Barry explain how and why it all works.

Date: Saturday 7th April

Cost: 50euro (includes information sheets and sample recipes)

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