Bradys beautiful meats

There is only one supplier that we use for our meats – the one and only Bradys Butchers in Athenry!

There is no shortage of meat suppliers in the West, but a problem that we face as a restaurant is sourcing meat that is consistently high quality.

A butcher shop with its own abattoir can be seen as one that cares for its produce and ensures that it is well looked after from field to fork.(although the cooking is up to you)

Many butchers no longer slaughter animals, but merely buy in their produce. This is fine so long as the meat is well prepared, but it means that the butcher has lost out on a very important process in ensuring that the meat is ethical, and well cared for. The connection between the animal and the meat is one that is very important to Bradys butchers.

Meat that is prepared from the slaughter house to the butcher counter gets a little extra loving – and that’s what Kai is all about.

28 day dry aged steaks from Bradys are hung for longer to produce a more tender cut of beef. Bradys steaks are served regularly on the dinner menu, and we continually get glowing reports on the quality of the meat. Most of our diners even ask for their leftovers to be packed up to take home – it really is that good!!

Bradys say “Our Beef and Lamb produce is carefully selected from our quality approved local farmers and expertly matured to ensure exceptional quality and tenderness”, and we
♥ that!

You will probably be familiar with Bradys Lamb Koftas which we regularly make with Bradys lamb for the lunch menu.

Next time your in the restaurant and you see Bradys on the menu – make sure to order it – you will not be disappointed!!

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