Gannet Fishmongers

There is only one guy that we like to buy our fish from, and its Stefan Griebach, the most passionate Frenchman in town. This guy loves his job, he understands the fishing industry, and he knows what people want.

If it weren’t for Stefan every menu in town would still be bursting with Cod and Plaice. However, Stefan has kindly brought in more exotic fish like Megrim and Sweaty Betty, which our customers are crazy about.


Stefan explains his fish, he educates his customers about his products and tells them how best to cook it, and that’s not just to the public. Stefan brings fish in to the restaraunt everyday for us to choose from, if there is something new on offer he will tell us all about its taste, texture, and best way to cook it. This is the benefit with working closely with suppliers, rather than just ordering from a list. We take as much a hands on approach as the fisherman that land the catch.

The philosophy at Gannett is much the same as ours, Stefan and his team sell wild sustainable fish, and is continually introducing new fish to the market. As he says himself the waters are brimming with tonnes of amazing fish, but people are slow to buy them as they have never heard of them before.

One thing that amuses me most is that 10 years ago the ugly Monkfish was thrown back, and now its a luxury. And now a fish that looks beautiful but given a rather comical name is a late evening hit – Sweaty Betty.

Also known as The Greater Forked Beard – Sweaty Betty is one of the best fish in Irish waters – it lives in huge number just West of the Aran islands, and is completely sustainable, arguably a great alternative to the common Hake.

It is down to suppliers like Stefan to ensure the quality and origin of the fish we buy is 100%, and our neighbourhood Frenchman is the epitome of someone who loves his job, and takes pride in what he does.

He came here from France in 1997. He had firsthand experience of the fishmarkets in France and, on his arrival here he worked his way up through salmon farming and fish wholesaling and learned the industry the hard way.

In 2006 he saw his opportunity, formed Gannet Fishmongers, and opened his first fish stall in the Galway market.

When the fishing boats arrive in Rosaveal to auction their catch, Stefan goes through the boxes and picks the freshest fish for his five market stalls, his shop in the Eyre Square Centre and Kai.

If you want the best catch for your kitchen table be sure to visit Gannett at Galway, Oranmore, Loughrea, Moycullen and Ballinasloe markets, or at their shop in the Eyre Square market.

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