The Friendly farmer

Reared with love

At Kai we only used the best produce, and it has to treated with love and respect or we won’t serve it. In order for us to provide amazing produce we work very closely with our suppliers.

Today we are serving Ronans Roam Free Chicken Salad -

Our feathered friends that are featuring regularly on the menu come straight from the Friendly Farmer. Using traditional farming methods all the turkey and chicken comes from Athenry, and we all know the pastures are low and rich out there.

Poultry are grass fed and allowed to roam, which makes fitter, healthier animals. The key with this kind of farming is providing fresh grass for the animals at all times, the fundamental of the pasture poultry model. It sets Ronan and the gang apart from the rest – these guys are the best.

Have a look at the chickens accommodation – not bad for a bird!

If you fancy The Friendly Farmers fit birds, you can find him at Athenry, at Galway, Moycullen, Kinvara farmers markets and by home delivery. He sells a selection of chickens, ducks, bronze turkeys, and geese.

Check out his site for more info –

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