The Game is On – but no for long!

This is the time of year when we wave goodbye to the summers wonderful fresh pickings, and welcome a wild selection of rich autumnal offerings.
For the last month every tweed wearing country gentleman has been dusting off his shotgun, and polishing his pellets – all in the name of a well-earned supper.
While the idea of middle-aged men running around the countryside shooting birds may sound ridiculous, it results in a wonderful selection of wild Irish game.
Kai gets its Game from Dromoland Game, who provide the finest Wild Game in the country.
Dromoland Game is based in Limerick and supply all feathered Game including pidgen, pheasant, mallard and partridge. They also supply Wild Venison from Lough Cutra Castle in Gort.
All feathered game comes from its own driven shoots, where birds are kept well stocked by Dromoland with a determined conservation program.
Rabbits and woodcock are provided to Dromoland from hunters around Clare and the Burren.
The world of Game is extraordinary in the culinary world. In a time of intensive farming the importance of wild food is increasingly important. While farmed fish is becoming more and more common, the chance to eat wild meat is almost non-existent.
At Kai we focus on organic meat, which is as close nutritionally to wild meat, but not as optimal. However for a brief period each winter we can eat wild game – a real treat, and one everyone must explore and experience.
The game season runs from November to February so now is the time to start experimenting with a wonderful rich, and full flavoured selection of meats.
We are currently using Dromolands wonderful game in roasts, stews, and all manner of dishes, and will continue to do so over the coming months. We may even have some super special game dishes for Christmas so keep an eye out.
If you want to find out more about game, how it’s cooked, or where to get your hands on it, drop in and ask one of the guys – That’s what we’re here for!!

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