Jessica Murphy, head chef at Kai

So… the food at Kai is great, we all know that, there are some funny accents on Sea Road, and plenty to be found in Kai itself. That may have something to do with Jessica Murphy, Head Chef, and owner who was born and raised in the middle of nowhere in New Zealand. Along with her husband David, together they opened Kai, a place with a moral sensibility and a commitment to a better culinary world.

What is it that makes the food of Jessica Murphy so great? Voted the best chef in Connacht by Food and Wine, Jess has worked in some of the finest kitchens and offered up the highest standards of food.

Originally from New Zealand she made Ireland her home working for Kevin Thornton, the Michelin starred chef. Following her experience she moved to Galway where she was head chef at Ard Bia for 4 years, before setting up the kitchens at Bar 8 where she won her Food and Wine award.

The love and passion Jessica has for food is easily reflected in her daily menu at Kai. Depending on what seasonal, fresh produce is delivered by trusted local suppliers each day, the menu changes.
Jessica’s ethos is very simple; all produce is fresh, seasonal, local, and where possible, organic.

Each dish is freshly prepared, with much thought put in to flavours enhancing each offering. Both the lunch and dinnertime menus are planned in a similar manner.

All chutneys, jams, curds, and sauces are all prepared in-house, and quite often can be found for sale in Kai’s mini pantry of goodies.

Jessica truly believes in sustainability and endeavors to support local artisan food producers wherever possible. Her passion for local produce has attracted amateur foragers both young and old to arrive at the door of Kai with handpicked blackberries, apples, sea spinach and other wild things.

A wholesome goodness surrounds the cooking of Jessica Murphy, an old-fashioned idealist with a modern twist, cooking the way it should be, and that’s why we all love it!!

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